These are Mathematics Department course numbers; some of these courses are also cross-listed under Computer Science numbers. (Unfortunately, the University has changed its system of catalog description pages in a way that requires updating links each semester. Therefore, we only direct you to the UI main course page and let you click on from there to find the official catalog announcements. The “course announcement” links here point to more complete descriptions of the most recent offerings of the courses.)

We have a one-semester introduction to combinatorics at the graduate level (Combinatorial Mathematics, Math 580/CS 571). This course is suitable for students in other areas seeking an overview of the fundamentals of the area and for students preparing to study more advanced courses in combinatorics.

We also rotate several regular graduate courses. These assume some experience in combinatorics; Math 580 suffices for each. Normally, each of these courses is offered once every two years.

SemesterCourse No.Course TitleInstructor
Fall 2020Math 581/CS 572Extremal Graph TheoryKostochka
Spring 2021Math 580/CS 571Combinatorial MathematicsBalogh
Fall 2021Math 580/CS 571Combinatorial MathematicsBalogh
Fall 2021Math 582Structure of GraphsKostochka
Fall 2021Math 585Probabilistic Methods in Discrete MathematicsBalogh
Spring 2022Math 584/CS 575Methods of CombinatoricsBalogh
Fall 2022Math 580/CS571Combinatorial MathematicsBalogh
Spring 2023Math 586Algebraic CombinatoricsYong
Spring 2023Math 583Partial Orders & Combinatorial OptimizationBalogh

Occasional special topics courses:

  • Topics in Combinatorics (Math 595 – Now a single course number for all topics courses). Offerings from the Combinatorics Group have included Algebraic Methods, Additive Number Theory, Coloring Problems for Graphs and Hypergraphs, Combinatorics of Symmetric Functions, Lattices Points and Polytopes, Problems in Combinatorial Geometry, The Grassmannian, and Closure Systems.