Illinois Combinatorics Lab for Undergraduate Experiences

This program (initiated Spring 2017) is for undergraduate students who are seriously interested in graduate school in mathematics. Activities can take various forms, including

  • Research projects
  • Combinatorics education initiatives (visiting local high schools)
  • Seminars with academic visitors
  • Conference travel

This is was originally an unpaid mentorship program. However, thanks to NSF RTG DMS 1937241, we have support for US citizens and permanent residents who are UIUC undergraduates. The mentoring faculty include Jozsef Balogh, Philippe Di Francesco, Kevin Ford, Rinat Kedem, Alexandr Kostochka, and Alexander Yong. Please see the People listing on the combinatorics RTG site for more information. Generally speaking, a strong performance in a class by one of the faculty is a prerequisite. You may also contact one of the faculty and/or Alexander Yong for more information.

See ICLUE website for alumni and products of the ICLUE program.

Summer 2022 Program

This summer we have a program in representation theory and combinatorics.